Your step by step guide to a lighter footprint on the planet

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Giki Zero

Your free personal guide to understand, track and lighten your footprint on the planet

Find out what your carbon footprint is then find steps to reduce it. Choose from over 100 steps that suit your lifestyle and budget and use Giki Zero to build your personal path to Net Zero.

“It was really interesting seeing my own personal impacts and I found the experience empowering since I now feel I can make a change!”

Hannah, Student”

About Giki

Helping you live more sustainably

Giki stands for Get Informed Know your Impact and was set up for one simple reason. We are facing a climate and environmental emergency and most of us want to do the right thing, but it’s hard to know what “right” is. Almost none of us want climate change, endangered wildlife or plastic pollution but, the reality is, it’s a consequence of the lives many of us lead today.

At Giki we believe that with the right information everyone can build their own personal plan to protect the environment. That's why we build the tools that help people use their choices, and their voices, to preserve the planet on which we all depend.


Team up for Net Zero

Organisations can scale their impact, put sustainability on the agenda for everyone, and work with staff and members to help them build their own personal path towards Net Zero. Giki Zero Pro uses teams, leaderboards and campaigns so the whole organisation can work together for a shared purpose.