About Giki Zero

Giki Zero is your step by step guide to a lighter footprint on the planet. It will help you discover your footprint, find steps to reduce it and celebrate your successes. Grow your Giki score with just a few steps a week to live more sustainably.

Learn about your personal footprint

Giki Zero helps you understand your personal footprint which is an important first step in discovering ways to reduce it. It does this by guiding you through a series of easy to understand questions that will estimate your overall impact. To get started you can provide as little, or as much, information as you want. Giki Zero is already populated with UK average data, or you can put in estimates, or actual data (eg metre readings or exactly what you eat) to get more accurate.
You will then be able to see your environmental footprint and understand how your home, transport, food, purchases and services all contribute. You can also see how planting trees will provide a nature based offset as you look to reduce your footprint over time.

Take steps to lighten your footprint

You can choose from over 100 steps to lighten your footprint. These are all rated on ease and impact and you can filter them to choose the best ones for your lifestyle and budget. There is lots of advice on each step, just click on the info button to find out more, and you can see how each step helps you and the environment too.

Grow your Giki score

Your Giki score provides a single measure covering everything you’re doing. It is calculated based on your footprint and the steps you are taking, and the steps you’ve completed. Each time you take a step, complete one, or cut your footprint, your score goes up. If you hit 1000, you can feel pretty good about your planet saving credentials.

Win badges, celebrate your successes

As you complete steps you’ll win badges. Keep collecting badges to cut your footprint and boost your Giki score.

Share with others

Add other people in your household because there are some things that are just for you and some that you share. By adding the people you live with, you will share the footprint of your home, bringing your personal footprint down. Support each other and share ideas to reduce your footprint together.

It’s for everyone

Personalized steps are tailored for every lifestyle, priority and budget. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro there is always something we can do. By signing up you’ll be able to start doing whatever you can, as soon as you can, to help protect the environment and animals.

Why do it

There’s no sugar coating this one. Global carbon emissions are still rising, the world is getting hotter, animals are under threat and people around the world are already being affected by floods, droughts, fires and rising sea levels. We all need to live more sustainably.
However, there is so much we can all do! Giki Zero can help you cut your carbon footprint by up to 50% compared to the UK average. It will take time and it will take effort but you can change to a more sustainable life. Alternatively begin with easy to do actions and know that you’ve started on the right path. It’s your choice.

About Giki

Giki stands for Get Informed Know your Impact and was set up for one simple reason. We are facing a climate and environmental emergency and many people want to do the right thing, but are not sure what “right” is. Almost no one wants climate change, endangered wildlife or plastic pollution, but the reality is that it’s a consequence of the lives that many of us lead in the world today.
We believe that if everyone can build their own personal plan for what they can do to protect their world, then we can all play a crucial role to preserve the environment on which we all depend. Giki provides easy to use, evidence based tools that allow everyone to make the decisions which are right for them, their lifestyle and their budget. We launched Giki Badges, an app that rates supermarket products in 2018 and Giki Zero went live in 2020. It’s a step by step guide to a lighter footprint on the planet which helps people understand, track and reduce their carbon footprint with personalised steps to help you plan out your path to Net Zero.

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